15 May

Caring for your Dream Silks  Washing Procedure Suggestions We recommend the following care instructions for all Dream Silks products: Step 1  Fill clothes washer with cold water (front-loading machines are best) and add a mild (non-bleach) laundry soap, recommended for “delicates”. Fabric Softeners can be used. CAUTION: DO NOT USE A PRODUCT CONTAINING BLEACH OR HARSH CLEANING CHEMICALS!  Bleach […]

24 Mar

DREAM SILKS Silk-Filled Duvets & Bedding The legend of Silk production is ancient and clouded in mystery Silk is nature’s finest fibre that has, for centuries, been associated with wealth and nobility. It is highly treasured and appreciated for its smooth feel and gentle warmth. The origin of silk production dates back to China, sometime before […]

24 Oct

Select Marketing Canada is pleased to announce that it has updated its packaging for the entire line of Dream Silks products. Instead of the duffle bag, Dream Silks now feature upscale, embroidered carry bags and colour labeling that highlights the following key, consumer selling features: 100% Natural (unbleached) AAA Long Strand Silk 100% Cotton, mercerized […]

16 Apr

DREAM SILKS retail and distribution opportunities currently exist in many Canadian markets plus The United Kingdom, Israel and The Middle East. This is a wonderful chance to expand or diversify an existing business with a remarkable product line. Interior Decorators, Bedding Shops, Hospitality Providers and ‘Consumer Direct’ through trade shows  top the list of commercial […]

12 Aug

Mattress Pads Format                                       Size                                             Weight                                  Retail Baby                                   69  X  132 cm  /  27  X 52 in               0.6 kg / 1.32 lbs. Twin                                  99  X  190 cm  / 39  X  75 in                0.8 kg / 1.76 lbs Double                              137  X  190 cm  /  54  X  75 in             1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs Queen                              152  X 203 cm  […]