DREAM SILKSTM –  Sleep well.

A good night’s sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Canadians are eating better and exercising more but are still exposed to elements and irritants that seem to make Asthma and allergies much more prevalent today than in the past.  Dream SilksTM can help.

Silk is the only natural fiber that is recognized as being non-allergenic. It is strong and does not deteriorate and create dust. Since silk is an excretion from an animal, no bug will live in another bug’s excretion, which is one reason why dust mites do not like silk. No matter how clean we try to be, dust mites live and breed in traditional pillows, mattresses and bedding. When you sleep using our Dream SilksTM family of bedding, you are surrounding yourself in a protective “cocoon of silk.”

You will immediately notice the difference in thickness and weight when comparing silk to other types of bedding. Dream Silks™ duvets are literally half the thickness and half the weight, but the difference is “silk breathes” and is so light it is less restrictive for people with circulatory issues.

Despite the fact that silk duvets are not as thick as traditional bedding, you only need a relatively thin layer of premium quality silk to keep you warm. Other forms of bedding trap heat and instead of allowing the heat to escape, heat builds up causing you to become uncomfortably warm. In most cases people end up pushing their comforter on and off repeatedly throughout the night. This on-again, off-again pattern is a sign of restless sleep.

The good news is  … silk reflects your own body heat and since it breathes you feel completely cozy and warm. You can turn down your thermostat in winter and use less air conditioning in the summer, thereby saving valuable energy. As well, Dream SilksTM are washable in cold water.  No more costly dry cleaning bills! Dream SilksTM are a better choice for the environment.

Once you sleep with a Dream Silks™ Duvet, you’ll never sleep under traditional bedding again!

DREAM SILKS™ Summary of Health Benefits

  • Provides a consistent temperature for sleep
  • Promotes a restful sleep
  • Non-allergenic
  • Repels dust mites and other unwanted guests
  • Lightweight & non-restrictive
  • Environmentally-friendly

To order Dream Silks, call 1 800 361 8723 or visit: www.selectmarketinginc.com

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