Caring for your Dream Silks  Washing Procedure Suggestions

We recommend the following care instructions for all Dream Silks products:

Step 1  Fill clothes washer with cold water (front-loading machines are best) and add a mild (non-bleach) laundry soap, recommended for “delicates”. Fabric Softeners can be used.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE A PRODUCT CONTAINING BLEACH OR HARSH CLEANING CHEMICALS!  Bleach & Harsh Chemicals will irreversibly damage the natural silk , voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.. 

Step 2  Tumble dry only on a cold air setting OR (better still) hang dry avoiding direct sunlight. Heat will also cause irreversible damage to the silk strands.

Step 3 (Optional) We strongly recommend that you consider using a duvet cover, to protect your garment from dirt and grime as well as damage from children, pets, etc.

Note: Dream Silks may be dry cleaned but only if treated as a SILK GARMENT.

For more info, call us at 1 800 361 8723

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